L70 688698399868 10+
L77 688698401639 9
L87 688698400021 10+
L95 688698401554 10+
R70 688698399905 1
R77 688698401677 10+
R87 688698400069 10+
R95 688698401592 10+

Vapor League Comp Stick Sr P92 (60")

TRUE 1-PIECE CONSTRUCTION that creates a consistent flow of energy with every play. These sticks built for players, which cannot afford the top sticks but they want to have a similar feel like the top sticks. They have a HIGH PERFORMANCE BENEFITS and a lightweight of around 415 grams and REINFORCED SHAFT THICKNESS for more durability (Vapor has a round shaft), and we using a 15K CARBON BLADE / AERO FOAM 3 BLADE CORE for a great stiffness of the blade.


  • Article number: 1056241A
  • Brand Bauer
  • Category: Sticks