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Hp NSX Yth Red (M/L)

The Bauer NSX Pants utilize integrated spine protection constructed of HD foam inserts. This setup gives players good protection in the sensitive lower spine area against various types of contact. The kidneys are also well protected thanks to the molded MD foams with a poly insert! This setup provides good protection and a close to the body fit. Moving down to the thighs, the NSX Ice Hockey Pants utilize one-piece padding giving players good protection against all types of contact. Covering the pants is the 400D nylon shell! This shell is highly durable, keeping the pants looking and feeling newer, for longer. On the interior, the NSX Hockey Pants use a hydrophobic mesh liner that helps wick away moisture from the players body, keeping them dry, cool, and lightweight! This liner also helps the pads dry out quicker when players are done using them. If you are a recreational-level player looking for a durable and protective pair of hockey pants, check out the Bauer NSX Youth Ice Hockey Pants!


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