PCS 94922427380 50+

Green Biscuit Pro Saucer Pass Off Ice Puck

The Green Biscuit ‘Pro’ is the puck to use to master the skill of saucer passes on asphalt surfaces. For stick handling practice on asphalt, we recommend using the ‘Original’ Green Biscuit. The Green Biscuit™ ‘Pro’ is the puck to use to practice saucer passing on asphalt. It’s stand out feature is the rubber puck tread to give the feel of a real ice hockey puck when on your stick blade. Heavier weight for increased stability when saucer passing and a more realistic feel Makes the saucer pass an easy skill to master Helps develop confidence and improve the three primary stickhandling skills: one-touch passing, toe-drags, and saucer passes Made for saucer passing practice. Do not use for shooting practice.