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RV Clinger Outdoor 82A (Yellow/Pink) 4Pack




80MMThe Clinger XXX Grip Outdoor Hockey Wheel provides ample grip and durability for a good price. The single pour urethane was softened to increase the overall grip so you can turn easier, knowing you aren't going to slide out. These wheels are poured in the USA by Revision so you won't ever need to question their quality. Good exterior urethane will last long outdoors while providing excellent grip on asphalt or concrete.Urethane is hardened on the outside so it won’t wear down quickly, but still bends when you turn, for increased surface area; resulting in better grip.Smaller core design allows outer urethane to flex, maximizing grip.Recommended for asphalt and concrete.Graphics on wheels may vary. Wheels may be printed with Hi-Lo Logo or Revision Logo.


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